Thursday, June 28, 2018

Amazon's Secret Return Policy - SHARE / MAKE IT VIRAL

Long story short / Summary: Amazon's published policy on auto parts returns is that Amazon itself will honor the manufacturer warranty for the length of the warranty term.  Amazon's customer service says they will NOT honor it after 365 days, regardless of the warranty term.  When asked for documentation of this policy, Amazon's customer service says that this policy is NOT documented or published anywhere, and it is clearly in contradiction to their actual published policy that is part of the customer agreement.  Which means Amazon is violating the law in all 50 states and violating the contract they have with you, the buyer (or me in this case).  Here is a transcript of my chat.  I didn't even correct my typos or mistakes.  Share this around, post it on FaceBook or wherever.  You have my permission to copy / paste, without edits, and no need to link back here.  I have bolded some of the chat text if you just want to skip down and read the juicy parts where the agent admits they are following an "internal policy" different from the published policy.

Victor Mowery
Dubuque, Iowa

Message From Customer Service


Here's a copy of the chat transcript you requested:
Initial Question: Honor lifetime warranty on automotive part
09:13 PM PDT Amanulla(Amazon): Hello, my name is Amanulla. I'm here to help you today.
Thank you for being a Prime member.
09:13 PM PDT Victor Mowery: Hello, this is regarding Order# 112-3530383-4810620
09:14 PM PDT Victor Mowery: This is an automotive part with a lifetime warranty. Amazon says it will honor the warranty with replacement or refund. I cannot find a way to return it because it was 3.5 year old order. I have just now ordered the replacement part so I would like to request a refund on the original order.
09:15 PM PDT Victor Mowery: There is no link on the order details to return any order older than 30 days.
09:16 PM PDT Amanulla: Thanks for the order number.

I'm sorry for the issue, to claim the warranty of the item, we need to contact the manufacturer of the item. I'll get the manufacturer's contact information.

09:17 PM PDT Victor Mowery: Okay. And by the way, I just now ordered ORDER # 114-9146765-8993822 which is the same exact part. So I am not looking for a replacement part for the original, just a refund of the purchase amount, which is one of the options under your policy.
I cannot wait for a replacement because the car is not drive-able without this part. I needed to order right away.
09:19 PM PDT Amanulla: I'm sorry for that, as it was 2015 order, we could not help with refund for this order. To claim the warranty for the item, you need to contact the manufacturer. Generally, Amazon would not offer life time warranty for any of the item.
09:19 PM PDT Victor Mowery: That is NOT what Amazon's policy says. And the seller's policy says return to the store where purchased.
09:20 PM PDT Victor Mowery: Here is the link to the seller's warranty policy:
09:21 PM PDT Victor Mowery: Amazon policy says this: If you've purchased a defective automotive item, shipped from and sold by, that is covered by a published manufacturer warranty, Amazon honors the warranty. Amazon will either replace the item or refund the cost of the item for the life of the published warranty.
09:22 PM PDT Amanulla: Please give me 2 minutes to check it.
09:22 PM PDT Victor Mowery: Yes, please check it.
09:26 PM PDT Amanulla: Thanks for waiting.
09:27 PM PDT Amanulla: I'm sorry for that, I've checked that as per Amazon's policy, Automotive products sold and fulfilled by Amazon can be returned up to 365 days after delivery if the customer indicates that the product has failed due to manufacturer defect. After 365 days, you need to contact the manufacturer directly to claim the warranty.
Please contact manufacturer using this number: 1-800-523-2492

09:28 PM PDT Victor Mowery: What does "for the life of the published warranty" mean?
The published warranty is lifetime.
09:30 PM PDT Amanulla: I understand that, Victor. The product isn't manufactured by Amazon. As a medium of the purchase, Amazon provide 365 days of warranty for all the automotive products sold by Amazon. Warranties can be claimed only from the manufacturer of that item.
09:30 PM PDT Victor Mowery: Send me a link to the Amazon policy page with the policy you describe.
Because I am reading a page that says something entirely different. Amazon honors the warranty for the life of the warranty.
09:32 PM PDT Amanulla: I'm sorry for that, Victor. I've checked with my lead and policy from our side, all automotive products can be return or replaced only till 365 days. Beyond that time period, you need to contact the manufacturer. I've also checked with my supervisor.
09:32 PM PDT Victor Mowery: Send me the link to that published policy.
09:37 PM PDT Amanulla: Victor, I've checked with my lead, 365 days of return policy for Automate products is an internal Amazon policy, we haven't published yet. As we get the item from manufacturer, only if the manufacturer approve to claim the warranty we can claim the warranty. So that, I suggest you to contact the manufacturer directly to claim the warranty.
09:41 PM PDT Victor Mowery: For the third time, please send me a URL to the web page that explains this policy. This is now becoming a legal compliance issue. You have written policies you must go by, and as a paying member of the service I agreed to, I am entitled to have those policies.
09:43 PM PDT Amanulla: I'm sorry for that, Victor. We haven't published the policy about 365 days of warranty for the automotive products. I've checked with my supervisor, as it is almost 3 years completed, my lead suggest you to contact the manufacturer to claim the warranty.

09:47 PM PDT Amanulla: I'm sorry, Victor. I've explained the policy of the Amazon for warranty of Automotive products. We could not do anything from our side to claim warranty at this time. Please contact the manufacturer.
09:48 PM PDT Victor Mowery: I am not now asking you to honor the warranty. I am asking you for documentation of your policy. I have established a contract between Amazon and myself and you are saying the terms of that contract are not published.
09:54 PM PDT Amanulla: I'm sorry for that, we don't have that documentation in our pages. I've checked with my supervisor, they also providing same information about warranty claim.
09:57 PM PDT Victor Mowery: Ok, thank you for checking again. Just to let you know, an unpublished policy that contradicts the published policy is against the law in every US state. I will be forwarding this chat transcript to the Iowa Attorney General's office and also posting it on social media because customers need to be aware of what your policy actually is. Thank you for your time today in explaining your illegal policy and its undocumented nature. Please familiarize yourself with what your written policy actually says, not what your lead or your supervisor says. Bye.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Will America Ever Learn Her Lesson?

One day about three thousand years ago, 400,000 men all left their wives, homes, jobs, farms and fields to gather together in unity and find out what was the grievous sin they had heard about.  They decided this sin required the death penalty of just a handful of offenders, and they were willing to fight and die in order to carry out the sentence.  26,700 men gathered against them to defend the handful of wicked men and not give them up for sentence.  22,000 men of the larger side were slain in the first day of battle, then another 18,000 the second day.  Then there was a national day of fasting and sacrifices declared, with many costly livestock given in burnt offerings.  The next day, 30 men gave their lives in a suicide mission to ensure the victory for their side.

The other side then lost 25,100 men, nearly all the men of the entire tribe.  The offending city was then sacked, and all their tribe's cities were burnt to the ground.  Only 600 men escaped and hid in caves, having lost all they ever worked for their entire lives.

The world's perspective would be to shake the head and wonder why all this was done over the gang-rape and murder of one lowly slave girl and the threat of sodomy gang-rape against a travelling man.  The pragmatic approach, the results-oriented approach would say it was unreasonable for these 65,000 men to die over this, along with so many other costly impacts to the national economy, not to mention their now-weakened position against foreign military.

God's approach, however, was that such an evil as this needed to be dealt with and purged from the nation, for the entire nation's sake.  It wasn't about the girl, or even about the threatened perversion.  It wasn't about vengeance.  It was about maintaining purity to stay in the favor of a holy God.  The nation could not sit by and let this slide and then expect God's blessings to continue to flow.  From God's perspective, and therefore from the perspective of anybody committed to honoring God above all else, the nation was far better off losing all these men and all the rest, but maintaining God's favor for their commitment to holiness.

The lesson for our nation is obvious from Judges 19 and 20.  We can do whatever we like to stimulate our economy.  We can do whatever we like to promote job growth.  We can do our best to keep our military strong.  But without God's people committing to holiness and the favor of God in everything they do, it is all for nothing.  We cannot approve of gross immorality and public sin by our silence, or by a wink and a nod to capitulate to "the greater good."

There is no excuse to go against holiness for fear of what might happen otherwise.

There is no excuse for anybody who claims to know the Bible to vote for "the lesser of two evils" as if there is no other choice, and a choice for evil of some kind has to be made.

There is no amount of pragmatic wrangling that can justify the Christians of America promoting a man of known immoral character to the highest office in the land, despite all the attempts to justify it like the article linked here does.

Say what you like.  Justify it all you want.  Set up your golden idol.  I will give honour where honour is due, but I will not bow when the music plays.  And when our chickens finally come home to roost for what we've done in November 2016, I will not have to say, "I told you so."  You'll know.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

What You Voted for When You Voted for Donald Trump

Before you read any further, please understand first of all that I support and honor the President of the United States as the man placed in that office by the hand of Almighty God in His wise Providential care.  "The powers that be are ordained of God," Romans 13:1.  I support and honor him as the man who rightfully sits in that office according to our cherished Constitution of the United States.  I have sworn to protect and defend our Constitution and I would take up arms to protect Donald Trump's right to occupy the Oval Office.  I am also in agreement with at least 90% or more of his actual policy decisions and directives since taking office.  Further, I absolutely cannot stand the biased media's continual fixation against him.  And this whole Russian "collusion" issue and the way it is presented by the Democrats is an absolute disgrace - on them, not him.

I have to say all of that because some of my readers who voted for Trump are going to get mad as soon as I say that I did NOT vote for Trump.  I just want to be sure you don't get mad for the wrong reasons.  Some of you are already so mad at me just for saying it, that you've already stopped reading or tuned me out.  That's just how some of you Christian Trump voters are, that you would let this immoral man whom you don't even know come between you and a godly brother you've walked with for years.  If that's how you want to be, there's nothing I can do about that.

But if you are open to listening and reading further, I would like to explain why I did not support Donald Trump as a candidate for President, and why no conservative Christian should have.  I tried to explain this to many before the election, but they had already bought non-refundable tickets on the Trump Train and refused to get off long enough to listen.

Think of it like this: knowing what you now know about Richard M. Nixon, if he were miraculously alive and eligible to run for President again, and you totally agreed with the political platform he was running on, could you vote for him?  I'd hope you would say "No way!"  Or suppose Bill Clinton totally changed his politics to agree with you, but changed none of his ways and methods and schemes, and could run again.  "No!"  Or Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt?  Then how could you vote for Donald Trump, knowing what you knew or should have known about that man and his character?

Let's face it.  You voted based on political expediency without considering the real long-term effects of your vote.  You voted for your wallet.  Or you voted for The Wall.  Or you voted for America.  But you didn't vote for Jesus Christ!

You see, you've got it all wrong!  What's best for our country is not conservatism or a great economy, but a strong stand for godliness among God's people!  Notice the following from the Word of God:

Proverbs 14:34 - Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.
Proverbs 29:2 - When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

I believe that Donald Trump's rise to the presidency will have excellent results on our economy (as is already appearing to be the case), wonderful strides forward in foreign relations, solutions to many problems facing our nation, and an absolutely disastrous impact on the morality of society in general and the upcoming generations of Christians in particular.  The economic and political good wrought will be but temporary and fleeting, spoken of in past tense when Trump is a memory like Reagan.  But the moral decline will be long term or permanent, and much more damaging as our country moves farther and farther from the blessings of God.

Multiple Christians told me before the election that they were voting for Trump because there was "too much at stake."  Yes, there was a lot at stake, only not what they thought!

The various objections such as "not voting for Trump is effectively voting for Hillary," all boil down to this:  You just don't trust God!

Pay attention to this:

Psalms 118:9 - It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.
Psalms 146:3 - Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.

And this: 

Deuteronomy 28:1 - And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth.

You think Trump is going to "Make America Great Again?"  America will never be great again until America is Godly Again!  That is not anything Donald Trump can help with!  In fact, his election, with the blessing of most Christians, is a step in the opposite direction.

You see, Christian, here is what you voted for when you voted for Donald Trump:

You voted to trade God's blessings on holy choices for the world's blessings on smart political moves.  How is the Trump economy boost going to help us if our vote for the ungodly forfeits even more of God's blessings?  How is Trump's forceful foreign policy going to keep us safe if we discount our need for God's protection?

You voted to forever surrender the right of all conservative Christians to express moral outrage at sexual immorality, adultery, lewdness, bikini contests, serial divorce, etc.  You voted for the reigning prince of these things to be the governing President of your nation.  Ten, twenty or fifty years from now, not only you, but all conservative Christians by association with their collective vote, will have zero credibility with the unsaved world in trying to take any kind of stand against these things.  Yeah, some salt and light we are now!  I hope you like your tax cut.  Give the extra money to foreign missions; it won't do as much good here any more.  We'll all feel like we have to zip our lip and bite our tongue, thanks to the overwhelming vote of Christians for Trump.

You voted to impress to your children that character is important, unless there is a difficult decision to make (between a rock and hard place, like not letting Hillary win, for example), and then character is not really an issue after all.  But you should have been teaching them that in the midst of such difficult decisions, character should be a paramount issue!

You voted to teach your children that taking a godly stand is only important if your stand will actually win.  If your godly stand would cause your preference to lose, then hold your nose and take your lumps.  But that has been the pragmatic problem that has been chipping away at the holiness of our Bible-believing churches for decades.  What will the churches in fifty years look like that are run by the children who learned this from Trump-voting parents?

You say, "What would have happened to us if Hillary had won because Christians refused to back Trump?"  First of all, Trump wouldn't have been on the ticket in that case, so the problem goes back before the conventions.  But even so, a question like that misses the point.  It is again putting trust in men and not in God.  Whatever results from taking a godly stand is always a VICTORY for Christ and Christians.  WHATEVER RESULTS.  Three Hebrew children being thrown into a fiery furnace for refusing to bow, would have still been a victory even if the flames consumed them.  Look at it from an eternal perspective, not a temporal one.  Hillary winning the election because Christians cast a third-option vote in protest would have been a major victory for a godly stand -- and a bigger wake-up call to the Republican party than Trump ever was.

You didn't want wicked Hillary Clinton to win.  Neither did I.  But our nation would be in a better spot if a wicked woman won without the support of Christians than if a wicked man won with their support.  In such a case, history shows God's blessings and protections on our families, our churches, and even our nation (for our sakes, Proverbs 11:10) would have more than made up the difference.

I don't know what exactly would have happened if Hillary won, but my hands would be clean.  Are your hands clean of the mess that's coming from Trump's win?  Is your vote going to come up for review at the Judgment Seat of Christ?  Didn't you owe it to your country before the election to stop and sit down and figure out exactly what you were voting for?

NOW... you can get mad.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What's NOT Happenin' Now

In the midst of so much recent public speculation, online speculation, Twitter speculation, media speculation and directed energy transmissions to specially-crafted tinfoil hat radio receivers, it seems appropriate for me to offer this brief response about what I have and --more importantly-- have NOT been up to in recent days.

I am NOT being investigated for collusion with the Russians.  In my professional wrestling debut, I did have a COLLISION with a Russian, Nikolai the Bear, but it was all planned out ahead of time when he and I colluded in practice the day before the match, so there is nothing to investigate there.  Besides, he is not even a real Russian; he is from Pittsburgh.  (Sorry, Nikolai, but I have to protect myself).

My house was NOT raided by the FBI last Tuesday morning before dawn, and they did NOT haul off 27 boxes of documents related to their (non-existent) investigation.

This is NOT the FBI raiding my house.

I have NOT made any accusations of decades-ago harassment or inappropriate comments against any Hollywood producers, high-profile actors, cable news anchors, United States Senators or Congress-critters, Iowa GOP legislators, or any greasy auto mechanic with onion/mustard breath at a small dingy shop on North Seventh Street where my car might have been towed late one stormy evening.  (And yes, my muffler *DID* just fall off by itself, ya jerk!)

Finally, I want to make it very clear that I have NOT yet decided whether I will accept the offer to extend my contract as the Executive Vice-President of the Permanent Residents Association at the Peaceful Rest Clinic.  The pay stinks and the benefits are horrible and I can't get the President to stop harassing me and making inappropriate comments.  So I'll have to think about it.

--Victor Mowery
Executive Vice President
Permanent Residents Association
Peaceful Rest Clinic for the Non-Criminally and Only Slightly Insane Sub-Genius Masterminds and Their Henchmen

Monday, October 30, 2017

How much should I spend on flowers?

So before you hear it from somebody else, here it is straight from the horse's mouth.

I told him he ought to put a bottle of RISLONE, the yellow bottle, into his car's motor.  "Pour it in where you fill the oil," I said.  I highly recommend this product.

I don't know if it was the lousy cell-phone connection or what.  But he bought and put in a bottle of RONSONOL, the yellow bottle.  He had kept saying, "The one that starts with "R" right?  With the Ohs and the L and the S and N."  I thought he was just making fun of the name, or like I said, the bad connection.

As you may have predicted, here was the result:

It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, really.  I tried to take about ten dollars worth of flowers to him, but there are no flowers allowed in the Intensive Care Unit.  So I gave them to my wife.  She loved them, since it was the most I had ever spent on flowers for her ever since the wedding. (At least all at one time, since I'm pretty sure I have gotten the $3 single red rose for her at least a couple of times in the last 23 years, and maybe the pretty little tiny rose in the glass tube at the gas station counter a couple of times).

But somebody told me ten dollars worth of flowers, under the circumstances, just doesn't really meet my obligation to the guy.  So I ask you, how much should I spend on flowers?


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kneeling Nit-Wits and Anthem Antics

I love how men of average intelligence and zero real-world skills can get free college, negotiate multi-million dollar contracts, and then holler down from their mansion windows how "unfair" America treats people like them.

Hey, find another country where black people have it better, and then move there!  Find another country where a black man can accomplish what you've done!  Hint: there is none, even in Africa!

Yes, there are still problems to address and we all wish racism would disappear.  Maybe your millions can help - there's a thought.  But it's easier to just "make a statement," isn't it?  Kneeling or disrespecting our flag and anthem doesn't cost you any money!  At least not yet....  When it starts costing you real money to act like a spoiled brat, we'll see how genuine you are.